Basic English Curriculum for Grammar

The following grammar points will provide students with a solid base to build their English speaking and comprehension skills. Specific points are included in notes for the various grammar points.

Present Simple / Present Continuous (Present Progressive)

Note: Contrast between habits and temporary actions

Past Simple

Past Continuous

Note: Focus on use with the past simple to describe ‘interrupted actions‘ in the past

Present Perfect

Note: focus on use of present perfect for unfinished time – i.e. the duration form. Focus should also include adverbs commonly used with the present perfect: since, for, just, already, yet

Future with ‘Will’

Note: Contrast this form with future intentions form – i.e. future with ‘going to’

Future with ‘Going to’

Note: Contrast this form with future predictions form – i.e. future with ‘will’

Present Continuous (Present Progressive)

Note: Use for future intentions and plans, discuss similarities to future with ‘going to’

First Conditional (Real Conditional)

Note: Used for probable or realistic situations

Modal Verbs of Deduction Note: Use of ‘must be’, ‘might be’ and ‘can’t be’ use in the present

Some – Any

Note: Call to attention the irregular use of some in requests and offers


Note: too, enough, a lot of, a few, much, many (in question and negative forms), etc.

Prepositions of Place

Note: in front of, opposite, behind, between, across, etc.

Prepositions of Movement

Note: straight on, on your right, past the house, into, out of, etc.

Common Phrasal Verbs

Note: get on with, look after, fed up with, put off, make up, etc.

Verb + Gerund

Note: like doing, enjoy doing, go swimming, etc.

Verb + Infinitive

Note: hope to do, want to do, manage to do, etc.

Basic Verb and Preposition Combinations

Note: listen to, arrive at, go through, etc.

Comparatives & Superlatives

Note: taller than, more beautiful than, as tall as, happier than, the tallest, the most difficult, etc.

Basic English Curriculum for Grammar.

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