In Class 27aug, 2014

G and Y today.  Lots of talking, comprehension, including some long – often used words, like “Dissapointing”, “Unfaithful”, plus – see below.

Warm up

Today is is my name day. Saint Monica’s Day, maybe her birthday in 331 B.C.   (331 years before Christ was born.).  She is the patron saint of:

difficult marriages
disappointing children
victims of adultery or unfaithfulness
victims of verbal abuse
conversion of relatives

We defined and discussed key words.  Learned about “UN-” before a word.


When you have these problems you pray to her for help.
Not a pleasant sainthood. 🙁
Not a pleasant life.  Bad husband.  Loser kids.

Reading Comprehension

We finished the story of Androcles and the Lion.  The second paragraph.

Students took turns reading the sentence.  I explained after each.  We discussed key words. And pieced together the idea of the sentence together.  I followed with written questions and wrote the answers they provided.

Learned “What happened to…?” For many questions.

Pronounciation and Culture

Beach vs. Bitch, (ha, ha, ha) etc.
Bitch vs. Puta – Whore, are not the same gravity/weight in America.

Grammar and Vocabulary

All from the story as we went.

Note:  We learned/reviewed what a sentence is and is not.  It is a complete thought.  A person, place or thing doing something, followed by a period – always.
We should review this and do exercises in the future.

Notes for Future:
No class next Monday, Labor Day.  Possible topic?  Read with omputer exercises or handout to follow.
Find something more practical to work on.  Want ads, job search, applications on paper and online? 


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