24 Sept Class

Kinda zoned today.  But ready to groove!  I couldn’t access my site to prepare as well as I’d liked to.  Lesson learned, backup in place.  Today O, G, and B were here.  It’s great to have O back! 


Last weekend I went to the park.  I went to the park on Sunday at 11:00 a.m.  I went to meet a special group.  They learn to sword fight.  I want to learn to sword fight too.

We did present, future, substitution for verbs.


We reviewed/learned past, present future: To Be/ To Go

Explained Present Tense as “in general” with examples.  And throughout the class session as it came up.  Also compared to Present Continuous -ing.

Discussed: Broken/To Break – something is broken vs. to break something.
Some other things I don’t remember.


Need to review in, at, on in time.
Went to the wall map to see where everyone came from.


She dropped her phone. She picked it up. She looked at the screen. She gasped. The screen was cracked. She was upset. Her phone was important. She texted on her phone regularly. She frequently made phone calls. She had internet access on her phone. It was her world. The phone was not cheap. It had costed her a pretty penny. She had to buy a new one. She did not have enough money. She went to the store. The store sold cell phones. She talked to the salesperson. She told him that she had dropped her phone. He asked to look at the phone. She handed it to him. “Can you fix it?” she asked. He said yes he can. She paid to repair it. It costed less than a new phone. Her cell phone was repaired. She bought a protective case for it.
Each student read segments aloud, so we practiced -ed pronunciations.
Went through each sentence for meaning – without literal/dictionary translations.
Word List  we discussed from story:
Drop – not throw
Pick up
Her world
Not cheap
Pretty penny
Enough, not enough
Sold – in context of this story
Hand – verb
Cost less
They all knew “protective case”
Reading passage above about a cellphone with computer exercises: http://www.eslfast.com/begin3/b3/b3092.htm
Computer exercises next week 
Pronunciation check : They were way off on meanings
Chip – cell phone and small missing fragment (They knew cellphone chip)

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