21jan 2015 Class

Today we were 3. G and Y.  The troopers!  We went too slowly today.

Chatted Y about Honduras: it’s 99-100° and humid, it rains every day 2:00-3:30.  And about her family.

The Paragraph

It is cold, gray and wet outside.  It is raining too.  The rain is not heavy, it is very light.  The rain falls like mist, because the raindrops are tiny.  They float in the air.  It feels like you are standing in the clouds.  In January, the weather is usually cold and wet. It is not always cold, everyday is different.

They write the P as is.  I check for errors.  Y did very well, only errors with commas.  G was crazy, missing segment and spelling.

  • Review for vocab
  • Read aloud, each student.
  • Comprehension
  • Review define of nouns, verbs, adjectives
  • (Noted opposites: wet/dry, cold/hot, etc. to clarify adjectives)
  • Identify the nouns, verbs, and adjectives sentence by sentence – pronouns are nouns.
  • Weather chat – comparing different weather, time of year
Next class – conjugate verbs: fall, feel, stand

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