17sept class Follow Up

I veered from the plan.  “More Better” came up.  (That drives me to distraction)


We covered Superlative, Comparative, Nouns, Verbs, and Adjectivess.  (Explained “state of being” To Be with much better results than before – repetition pays off)


Good   (much) Better (than)  (the) Best

Easy  Easier  Easiest, etc.

Note:  I had to listen and clarify carefully what the Best, Easiest, etc meant.  Stressing that there is nothing above the Best, the -iest.


Edna printed the passage with a nice, good-sized, American flag – in color.  They were used for the rest of the class and lab.

We read the Flag passage.  

Discussed the symbolism – as I had hoped, Ynt was there to say “the 13 original colonies”.  I talked briefly about what the colonies were, colonies in general, being a part of Britain, and breaking free through the R war.  No details.  Just to illustrate how young America is, in contrast to the great ancient cultures of Mexico and especially Iraq.  (I avoided pre-Columbian US History for now.)


I looked up their countries’ flags in my flag book.  Mexico and then Iraq.  We learned what the state emblem of Mexico is and what it stands for.  The story of Mexico’s founding by the Aztecs.  Including the god whose name I mangled.  Also the recent Mexican Indepedence Day (I did not know that) – and the date of independence.  We learned about the script on the Iraqi flag.  Allah Akbhar.  The permeation of religion in every day life/culture for Arabs.  Mentioned Mesopotamia, Cradle of Civilization, etc.  Cool!

Computer Lab

We spent the last half of class on the computers.  It went very well.  Even the sentence scramble that I thought would be too difficult.  Fantastic!  We shall be doing more.  There are lots of passages and exercises following that format at various levels.


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