13oct Monday Class

We had a slow start.  Ye, Ya, and G.  We need to the review this piece for comprehension and dictation.  We read the passage aloud for the Computer Lab work.  Including vocabulary list presentation.


Homeless People

Los Angeles is a big city. There are millions of people here. But thousands of people have no home. They are homeless people. They live on the sidewalks. They sleep on the sidewalks. They are called street people. They don’t have cars. They have shopping carts. They fill the carts with their belongings. They put their extra clothes into the carts. They put their blankets into the carts. Many homeless people live downtown. They live near the newspaper building. They live near the courthouse. They live near fancy condos. They have no money. They sit on the sidewalk all day. People walk by them. They ask people for money. People say they don’t have any money. There are missions downtown. These missions feed homeless people. They give them free lunches. They feed them every day. Some missions have beds. Homeless people sleep in these beds. But there are more homeless people than beds. There are not enough beds for the homeless people. So most homeless people sleep on the sidewalk. They sleep next to their shopping carts.

Do the following exercises: http://www.rong-chang.com/ne/es/es113.htm

Read and listen to the story.
Review vocabulary, fill in the blank – Cloze, crossword puzzle, word order and dictation.

Vocabulary       Cloze       Crossword        Sentences        Dictation


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