10dec., 2014 | class

Today we had G and B. We started with chatting.


  • 2 worksheets – with answer explained in English.

Computer Lab:

  • B did the Present Continuous games and started The Wind and The Sun – Aesop’s fable with questions.
  • G repeated The Wind and The Sun quiz. She started The Princess and The Pea.
  • I printed out The Princess and The Pea, with quiz – so they can work at home.

Next class:
  • The Princess and The Pea with quiz – Computer Lab
  • Work on using Present Simple vs Continous – verbally
  • Possible quiz on Present Simple vs Continuous. Structure of questions?


Structure of questions for Present Simple and Continuous quiz, possibles…multi-choice…notes okay.
  • Present a scenario – choose which to use to relay the info.
  • Your friend calls. You cannot talk. Verb: cook
  • What do you do? Answer should be your occupation, not activity.
  • What are you doing? Answer should be Continuous, activity right now.
  • Why can’t she go out? Verb: sleep
  • When do you usually go to class? Key word: usually = in general = Simple Present.

Need to practice differentiating between Present Simple and Continuous.
  • When to use each.
  • Use in conversation.

Explore E’s idea to have students listen to each other, take notes and answer give the info or answer questions…

Modify: w Post Office?

  • Tell one student a funny/silly story.
  • Sequence of actions – variety of verbs, with adjectives /adverbs for details.
  • One student tells the same story to another student, and so on.
  • The last student tells the class.
-Watch for:
  • Verb tense
  • Numbers of each noun – singular or plural
  • Descriptive details – like color, size, quickly, happily
-Possibly add notetaking?
  • Storyteller cannot help the listener write.
  • No interpretation/translation.

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