1,060 – Disposing of Sensitive Documents

Sometimes paper is safer than the Internet. Find out why in this episode.

Slow dialog: 1:21

Explanations: 3:18

Fast dialog: 16:55

Marcus: All right, let’s get started. These documents won’t sort themselves.

Rebecca: I really don’t think sorting through documents is the best use of my time. Can’t the company find an intern to do this?

Marcus: We have confidential information in these files and unless we want a security breach, only people who are authorized to see it are allowed to do this job.

Rebecca: Lucky us.

Marcus: Okay, we need to purge these files of outdated material. Let’s start by sorting them into two piles for either retention or destruction.

Rebecca: And then what?

Marcus: Then we have to further sort the destruction pile, either for disposal in the recycling bin or to be shredded.

Rebecca: And who are the lucky people who get to do the shredding?

Marcus: We get that honor, too.

Rebecca: You’re kidding! I’m all for safeguarding confidential information, but couldn’t we just burn it all in a giant bonfire?

Marcus: And who do you think would be responsible for doing that, and for extinguishing the wildfire we start?

Script by Dr. Lucy Tse

Source:: ESL Podcast

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