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ESL Friends Space: a social network A private place for you to learn and use English online It is like Facebook but different… you create a free account, write, share, and connect, with others in English. Your English will improve! It is free ESL Friends Space Toni will help you with English for perfect posts. […]

Art History

Puritan Colonists

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The Puritans in New England

The New England colonies were founded by English Puritans who left England because they could not do as they wished in the home land. All Puritans were agreed in wishing for a freer government than they had in England under the Stuart kings and in state matters were really the Liberals of their time. In […]


13 Common Social Questions and Answers

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13 Social Questions and Answers

This is an excellent article from FluentU to help get into simple conversations beyond “Hi, how are you?” “My name is…”.  Perfect for everyday and social events like dinner or parties.  Practice with a partner or in a chat on ESL Space Buddies. Click here to skip to the questions.   Be More Outgoing with These 13 […]

Class Plan

Lists and Examples of Adverbs

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A very long list of adverbs, not all of which end in -ly.  A list of adverbs, plus definitions and examples of how to use different types of adverbs in a sentence. 1. What is an adverb? An adverb refers to any element in a sentence used to modify a verb, adjective, another adverb, or […]


Founding of the Thirteen Colonies

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The 13 Original Colonies were the first places that Europeans landed and lived in North America. This land was not called The United States of America because it was not a nation yet. The Colonies were helped, owned, and governed by The British Empire.  So, the colonists followed British law, paid taxes to the British […]


US Labor Day

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US Labor Day

The events that lead to the creation of the Labor Day federal holiday were important for American workers.  The public began to sympathize and support labor unions. The US celebrates Labor Day because of a bloody clash over 100 years ago that left 30 people dead and cost $80 million in damages From: Business Insider, […]