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This is not another ESL site.  This is a group of sites.

There is a ton of ESL stuff online and many many websites.  There is plenty of professional and well-developed material online.   I do not intend to replicate, replace or compete with ESL sites.

This is my workspace.

I initially developed ESL Space for myself.  I use it to discover, create, organize, and access material for my class.  I am a volunteer instructor, not a trained teacher.  I depend on the Internet for help with teaching.

I needed a simple URL for my students.  So I bought one.  I incorporate computer skills into my class. Typically my students do not own computers.  Many have never used one.   Most have not used the web outside of Facebook.  To access things online, you need web addresses – when you have no experience with computers, a mouse, keyboard or even perhaps the English alphabet, copying a web URL is prohibitive.  I need a place with a simple web address to post links for my students to visit to do activities online.

Each site in this network is accessible via a smartphone or tablet.  Touchscreen friendly.  I want to present a pathway to knowledge through technology, using any device available.

It has been a challenge to find self-study sites for adult advanced beginners.  I look for sites I can direct learners to by just giving them the URL for self-study without any guidance.  Often the material is too advanced,  too childish, too many confusing distractions – like ads, or requires the user to be able to understand English to navigate the site, read the concepts and do the exercises.

I am developing a place for adult learners, like my ESL2 students, to be able to click a couple of links to find something to do.  My goal is to create a place where advanced beginners can be encouraged to explore via inviting material and a variety of presentations.  Ideally, they will learn to navigate, explore, advance in ESL studies and discover other sources on the web.

My ESL Notebook


I keep separate, duplicate, blogs for classroom notes, plans, and computer lab.  Stuff I can’t lose.

ESL Space  My notebook and briefcase.  I create blog posts from things I find online, add links to my link libraries and explore fresh content to use or learn from.  I can edit, collect images, cite sources, keep cool stuff, build reference info and find it all again.

Almost all of the content is dynamic.  Changes daily, weekly or periodically.

  • for instructor
    • source for fresh content, ideas and lesson plan
    • cataloged storage for things I find online
    • links to resources to create your own worksheets, puzzles, printables
    • reference links and material
  • things for learners to explore
    • lessons – always new, podcasts, videos, mp3, print
    • things to read – with audio and questions
    • videos – various levels, lessons, news and current events
    • daily vocabulary and grammar
    • world news sections – much that is easier for learners, read and video, some with exercises
    • reference material for basics


Resources for Teachers worksheets

The scope of this site is expanding.  Initially, it was just a document dump of over 500 ESL worksheets that are ready to preview and download.  These are worksheets that you can find online, nothing special.   I like things to be handy.  All free, no registration.  I am always adding to it.


Practice Your English! in class work, stuff to do

The tiny core of a site I am developing for adult, advanced beginner/intermediate, learners.  I want any beginning ESL learner/student to easily navigate and find things to do.  Practice Your English!  has quizzes, puzzles, exercises, daily vocabulary, links to more work and a Guestbook to write in.  My students always want more to do when they have completed lab work.  They spontaneously explore Practice Your English! and find things to do – without guidance or instruction.  Success!!


English Review grammar lessons

A brand new experiment, in stasis.   A space more so than a site now.  Super basic lessons that are brief, easy to read, and include quizzes.  I want a place where beginners can go to review very basic English grammar.  It is also intended for those who have no formal exposure grammar concepts.    And to reinforce what I present in class.


Our ESL Forum a place for students to write

I have a place online for learners to write anything they’d like.  I post articles and photographs for topics.   My students will be able to show their work to anyone with a smartphone and invite them to write in English too.  I am considering an instant texting environment.

Notes for Class class prep stuff

Even newer.  Jan. 2015.  I have overwhelmed myself with stuff.  I need a clean space for my class preparation.



  • dictionary
  • diccionario
  • English Spanish Dictionary

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