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There are many ways to learn English.  Do one small thing every day. Easy quizzes, exercises, puzzles, read and write – click here toni-english.com/quiz/  Listen and watch lessons – click here: ESL Pod and click here: YouTube ESL Videos News and Current

New Daily

You can find something new to learn or try daily.  “Daily” means every day.   There are new things here every day. Daily Lessons, Videos, Grammar and Words Idioms of the Day – daily phrases and sayings that you hear

Link Library

There are links to wide variety of  sites, and to sections within those sites.  I have visited and explored every link that is listed on this site; some are great, others have a notable feature.  It is a long list, as some


This section is a portal to the sources of materials I use to teach:  from handouts, grammar, information, online puzzle/matching/flashcard/quiz generators to teaching methodology. Teach Link Library includes sources to articles, lesson plans, references, activities and ideas. Resource Library  links to create your


Read, watch and listen to things in English that can help you in the future with the citizenship exam. Read easy things about U.S. history – click here. Read easy things about U.S. government.  U.S. Constitution in Simple English – click here Current

Popular Books You Can Read to Learn English


  These are the some things I have found for students to read.  I try to add things to this page often.  There are very short stories, fables, and articles.

  • dictionary
  • diccionario
  • English Spanish Dictionary

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